Pregnancy Guide

Complete Food Guide For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is good news but with the celebration do not try to eat everything that you love. There are certain directives in the intake of food while being pregnant to achieve a risk-free and healthy pregnancy. A good advice from the health professional in to pregnant ladies is to “watch what they eat”.

Common foods to avoid

Before we look at the big picture of healthy eating, it is crucial to know the food items that shouldn’t be part of your diet for the duration of the pregnancy.

  • Do not take raw or half boiled eggs. Eggs that are fully boiled will be good for your stomach.
  • Stay away from sushi when you are expecting. Sushi may induce illness in pregnant ladies and so it is not considered safe.
  • Unpasteurized drinks: Any juice, milk or drinks that are not pasteurized is harmful to the fetus. Strictly avoid them.

A must follow diet plan

As always, a balanced diet during pregnancy is vital. Look at the crucial food items to include when you conceive:

  • All green leafy vegetables and all fresh fruits should be made compulsory in your daily diet. Avoid fruits that can generate heat in your body like papaya.
  • Have grains and cereals as part of your nutrition plan. Include rice, pasta, and whole grain bread for sufficient energy during pregnancy.
  • Consume milk and milk products for calcium and for healthier bones. You can also take fortified soy beverages if you wish to replace milk.
  • Include lean meat, tofu, lentils, dried peas, beans and cooked fish to grow strong and add weight.

Quantity of food intake

Remember that you are eating for two people. So eat sufficient quantity of food. The portions should be balanced, as suggested below:

  • A bowl of fruits and 1/4 cups of yogurt
  • One cup cereal along with a glass of milk
  • Spinach salad, one full boiled egg, one tablespoon full of walnuts
  • Cooked oatmeal, half cup of orange juice, a bread toast