Pregnancy Guide

Common complications during labor and their remedies

Sometimes during the course of pregnancy, the baby might get twisted upside down (feet will come first rather than the head) or sideways in the uterus and this condition is medically termed as malpresentation. Although it doesn’t happen very often, in the rare case that it happens a doctor might try to use vacuum extractor. Even if that fails, the best option is to go with a Cesarean section.
In about 25% of women, the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the baby’s neck. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby is in danger. The cord is usually soft and doesn’t cause any damage to the baby. But when the cord is wrapped around very tightly a C-section might be needed.
During times when the pregnancy is delayed, there can be a complication called Meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS). The first stool (Meconium) present in the baby’s intestines might get expelled into the amniotic fluid and the baby inhales the contaminated fluid. If the doctor can clear it from the baby nose or the mouth at birth then there is no problem. Otherwise, the baby needs to be taken to intensive care unit.