Pregnancy Guide

Viagra hopes for the growth of underweight unborn babies

Many unborn babies are underweight, which raises the risk of complications before and after the delivery. To prevent this, the expectant mothers are administered Viagra, which is believed to have a potential of boosting the development of unborn babies and hence reducing the risk of low birth weight. Normally, it was seen that purchasing Viagra without prescription from Viagra online pharmacy was popular for treating erectile dysfunction in men. But certain properties of the drug make it valuable in helping premature babies.A recent study has found that the medication improves blood flow to the placenta, which in turn promotes growth in the unborn baby. The possible theory behind this says that the drug acts by relaxing muscles in the artery walls and thus allowing more nutrient-rich blood flow. Especially, it would enhance the blood flow to the womb, which might be able to help in the growth of underweight unborn babies. The drug, in the male pelvis, increases blood flow to a particular part of the body and hence scientists think that there would be a similarly focused effect in the female pelvis.

What is fetal growth retardation? How does it happen?

The term fetal growth retardation or intrauterine growth restriction is generically implied to that fetus, who weighs at or below the tenth percentile for its gestational age. The two major factors define fetal growth retardation: the fetal weight is at or below the tenth percentile for gestational age/sex and there is a pathological process that prevents expression of normal growth potential. There are two types of fetal growth retardation. Symmetrical fetal growth retardation may occur when the unborn baby faces a problem during early development. Asymmetrical fetal growth retardation may occur when the unborn baby faces a problem during later development. Fetal growth retardation occurs due to the disease process within one or more of the three partitions i.e., the maternal compartment, the placenta, or the fetus, which manage and control fetal growth.

Role of Viagra in preventing premature birth

Viagra is a promising drug for treating premature babies. A baby which is born prior three weeks of time before the actual delivery date is referred as premature birth. Only in the last weeks of pregnancy, the fetus would undergo major growth in the uterus.
These growth and development processes take place in a non-ideal environment, outside the mother’s womb. Premature babies face a greater threat of severe or long-lasting health issues. Premature babies may spend weeks or months hospitalized in a neonatal ICU depending on its development. Some unconventional approaches are used in rare criteria for improving the infant growth and development. Viagra relaxes blood vessels in the lungs so that lungs function more efficiently. It opens up the small blood vessels in the baby’s lung to help boost oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Hence, Viagra is given to premature babies to help them come off a ventilator. This is an important factor because expecting a baby who does not succeed with the help of a ventilator might develop problems in the lungs. In premature babies with pulmonary hypertension, Viagra drug would be a right pick.